26 Aug 2009 Ramadan Buka Puasa by Galileo

3:16 PM

Venue : Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel

The journey starts with heavily pour and almost make me not to go but Liez who I invited have agreed to go so the journey have to go on and the reason to look forward for it as this will be my chance meeting old friend and make new friends. Great to meet up with Sharida, Watie, Siti Hawa, Fida who bring along the husband.

The food..I would give 1.5 and its horrible. Normally I am consider big eater but I have no appetite when the Singapore meehoon is not as I expected..heehh. Sorry Azlina! But having fun with the time to friend and find friend session.

No traffic no jams coz we took Putra LRT and Monorel so after long time. No problem..hehe

Hope to have more kind of gathering to meet and open minds in future. hehe alot actually but sometimes, I have no time to join as I need to consider my darling and the children

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