Introducing our new members

12:30 AM

Assalammualaikum wbt..

Meet our so called new members of the house! in house member...hehe.

Ray and Oli arrived to our home when we took them both from Kedah since Eid Adha..they are so hungry all the times and playful. 

Time to say good nite all...sleep tight everyone!



 haha..the name was given by Ayong as according to Miya..they had no name but simply give the name during the first visit to vet..he is so aggressive perhaps because he is blind yet he is relying on his smell and hearing senses..this poor cat has grown up so well..nice and soft fur
We call her Kecik..funny rite but that is the name given by Ayong to her..she is the first cat we had but she doesnt stay in house..she is cute too

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